IDP Guys’ Podcast

Tremendously Early Mock Draft

March 25, 2018

1:40 News & Notes

3:00 Gut Check

16:05 Too Early Mock Draft

34:00 Arizona Cardinals IDP by Gary VanDyke

43:00 Top 100 IDP list powered by (80-71)

1:04:11 Johnny The Greek

Special shoutout to @ThiccNeckPoz on twitter! We’re hoping to get you on the show soon.

Listen to the IDP Guys for players to target for your IDP fantasy leagues! We don’t have a guest this week, but we do have a Way Too Early Mock Draft for you. Also don’t forget to check out our merchandise:

The guys go over the massive turnout for their [Gut Check] twitter polls, where hundreds of people took part for some very interesting results. Some of them correlating with what the guys said last week, some not so much. Be sure to follow the @IDPGuys on twitter to take part in the polls.

We are continually looking to make the show better, and we want to connect our listeners with some of the best IDP writers creating content online. We will be breaking down the best articles we find this offseason. Let us know your favorite IDP resources and we will be sure to take a look and possibly go through an article on the show. 

The IDP Guys continue their Top 100 IDP Countdown Powered By and @amazehayes_roto. 

Special thanks to Gary VanDyke (@hbogart27) and Cleat Geeks (@cleatgeeks) who we broke down Also Dynasty Football Factory and @Ben_Glaser which we talked about Ben’s JPP article

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