IDP Guys’ Podcast

A Wild Weekend Of Playoff Upsets

January 10, 2018

Listen to the IDP Guys for players to target for your IDP fantasy leagues! The guys check in mid NFL Playoffs after the wild Wildcard weekend. Its just Jon and Nathan this week as Sean is busy with his 9-5.

The guys break down the matchups from the weekend and how the teams played. Its a shorter episode as they talk overall how they felt the games went, and adjust their bracket after the upsets. The guys are going on a break next week and will be back after the Conference Championships.

Make sure you listened to our last episode where we went through our IDP fantasy awards!

The fantasy season is over, but that doesn’t mean the IDP Guys are going anywhere. Stick around to the end where Nathan runs through updated offseason plans for the show, loads of advice and content coming your way.

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